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Bid and Proposal Solicitation


Based on the objective of procuring necessary supplies, equipment, and services at reasonable prices in adequate quantities, of satisfactory quality, and on schedule from reliable suppliers, Marlboro County will seek competitive bids and quotes as appropriate per Ordinance # 710 adopted August 14, 2012. Purchases over $5000 and up to $10,000 will use the Open Market Procedure.  Purchase in excess of $10,000 - Marlboro County will use Formal Bidding Procedures. 

For Formal Bidding Procedures, advertisements in a form prescribed by the County Administrator, including, but not limited, to one of the following:  a newspaper of general circulation in the County, South Carolina Business Opportunities, a state-wide or Pee Dee Area newspaper, the official Marlboro County website, or any other method approved by Council.  To receive a bid package, you "must" follow the directions as stated on the bid invitation and provide the required documentation when requesting the packet. When addendums are sent to bidders acknowledgement at receipt of the addendum is required. 

After opening the proposed bids, we will post bid tabulations no later than 5 p.m. on the Friday following the bid opening, however, bids will not be final until after Council formally accepts them at their next meeting and all conditions are met, and until five (5) working days after council makes a decision and An Intent to Award has been posted. When bids are advertised and solicited in accordance to the specifications as listed on the bid invitations, the bids "must" be received in the County Administration office in a sealed form no later than the date and time specified on the invitation to bid form. 

Any bids received after the guidelines "will not" be opened. The bids will be opened by County Staff and referred to County Council for acceptance or rejection at their next scheduled meeting.  Under the Freedom of Information Act we will provide the results of the bids by posting them to our official website.  The information will include the list of all parties submitting bids and the bid amounts, and the decision of the Council.  County Council reserves the right to judgmentally reject any and all bids at their discretion.  We will leave all awarded bids information on the website for a period of six months - Please click on the bid name for details. 

Please click on Ordinance # 710 (pdf) which was adopted August 14, 2012 for specific purchasing policies.