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Mobile Homes

Mobile/Manufactured Homes

A mobile/manufactured home not already located within Marlboro County which was manufactured prior to July 15, 1976 or not manufactured to HUD construction and safety standards "SHALL NOT" be moved into Marlboro County. A mobile/manufactured home already existing within Marlboro County and manufactured prior to July 15, 1976 may only be moved by county regulations.  Please review Marlboro County Ordinance # 628 to find the regulations for Mobile/Manufactured Homes.  These regulations will be strictly enforced by the Marlboro County Codes Enforcement Officers. At the bottom of the page are helpful links for contractors and homeowners regarding Mobile Homes. 

Moving Mobile Home into Marlboro County

Begin by reading our ordinance # 628   to find out if your mobile home fits with the guidelines of allowable mobile/manufactured homes to be moved into our county.  If you are still in doubt, please call Janilla Williams at (843) 479-5602 ext. 10. Next, you must obtain a moving permit (no exceptions) from the County or State you are currently housed in.  Call your local Codes Office to find out what you will need to take with you to obtain the permit.  Once you have moved the mobile home into Marlboro County, the mobile home must be registered at our Codes Enforcement Office within 15 business days of moving.

Moving Mobile Home already existing in Marlboro County 

Any mobile home moved from one site to another inside the county requires a MOVING PERMIT - remember to review our Ordinance for regulations on older mobile homes to be moved.  To obtain a Moving Permit, you must bring the following information to the Codes Enforcement Office:

  • $50.00 (cost of permit)
  • Proof of ownership (title, legal document from DMV stating ownership)
  • Paid tax receipt for the past year, plus a paid in advance receipt for the current year if the mobile home is to be moved out of the county.
  • Present address and future address.  Please see addressing if no current address exists.
  • Tax map number if new address is inside Marlboro County.  Tax map numbers may be obtained from the Tax Assessor's Office or the Delinquent Tax Office at the County Courthouse (479-5602).

Addressing - to obtain a new address on property where no address exist, please call 479-5602 ext 20 and give precise directions to the property.  

Lot Requirements and Set Backs - Outlined in the following PDF that can be downloaded and printed: Lot Requirements and Setbacks (pdf)


Any newly established mobile home, single family home, or building found to be violating the above requirements is subject to being moved or demolished at the owners expense. 

Registering Mobile Home

To register a Mobile Home in Marlboro County, you must bring the following information to our office:

  • Registration Fees for mobile homes:  $165.00 for single-wides; $210.00 for double-wides
  • Payment for yearly Solid Waste Fee: $235 $185 for qualifying homestead exemptions (pro rated for remainder of calendar year)
  • Re-inspection fee for mobile homes $25.00
  • Moving Permit (cost of $50)
  • Paid tax receipt for the past year
  • Proof of ownership (title, bill of sale, etc.)
  • Lien holder's name and address if applicable.
  • Address and tax map number of lot where the mobile home is located.
  • Septic tank permit if new septic tank (you need to contact DHEC 479-8311 prior to installing a new septic tank to obtain a permit).  If there is an existing septic tank, please call our office (479-5602).
  • Photocopy of mobile home contractor's SC license.  This photocopy must be signed and dated by the contractor setting up the mobile home OR Copy of the dealer's retail license if the dealer is setting up the home.

Cost to Change Ownership of mobile home is $60.00

Cost to De-title mobile home is $25.00

Before electricity can be approved for connection - the mobile home must be inspected. Please click here for a check list of what will be inspected or verified.  If you call for an inspection before all criteria is met, you will be charged for additional inspection fees for return visits. 

Ownership Changes Only - If Mobile Home is staying in same location, please bring the following information to the Office to register in your name:

  • $45.00
  • Proof of ownership (title, legal document from DMV stating ownership)
  • Lien Holder's name and address if applicable.
  • Receipt showing that the taxes have been paid for the past year.
  • Address and Tax map number of the site where the home is located.