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Bid and Proposal Awards

Welcome to our "Bid Awards" Page!!! Once bid proposals are opened, we will post tabulations on this page.  Bids will not be final until they are formally approved by Marlboro County Council which meets the second Tuesday of each month.  Once the bids are approved or rejected a notice of "Intent to Award" or "Intent to Reject" will be posted for a period of five days.  When approval of outside agencies is required, Marlboro County will follow the guidelines as set by those agencies.  

To comply with the Freedom of Information Act, our bid awards will be made available by posting them on our website with the most recent at the top and will be left on our website for a period of at least 6 months.  

Bid Awards for 2022

Marlboro County Delta Plant Notice of Intent (pdf) (posted 4/22/2022) 




Bid Awards for 2021

Marlboro County External Digital Sign  Notice of Intent (pdf) (posted 11/22/2021)

Marlboro County Speculative Building   Notice of Intent (pdf) (posted 7/16/2021)

Workers Compensation Insurance Program   Notice of Intent (PDF) (posted 5/27/2021)

Bid Awards for 2020

PCN P040021 Sole Source Slag         Notice of Intent (PDF) (posted 8/18/2020)

Bid Awards for 2019

PCN P038859 SLAG for County Road System       Notice of Intent (PDF) (posted 6/4/2019)

Bid Awards for 2018

Marlboro County "Courthouse Paving"  (Bid Tabulations PDF)) Posted 11/2/2018 Notice of Intent (PDF) (posted 11/16/2018)

Painting of Exterior of Marlboro County Detention Center (Bid Tabulations (PDF)) Posted 8/9/2018

Painting of Courthouse Bell Tower (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 8/9/2018

Macadam Base "Crusher-Run" (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 6/25/2018)  Notice of Intent (PDF) (posted 6/25/2018)

Marlboro County Airport (Bid Tabulations (PDF) ) Posted 5/21/2018) Notice of Intent (PDF)(posted 6/25/2018)

Administration Wall (Bid Tabulations (PDF)) Posted 5/1/2018 (Revised Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 5/9/2018 Notice of Intent (PDF)(posted 5/10/2018)

Library Canopy (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 5/1/2018 (Revised Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 5/9/2018 Notice of Intent (PDF)(Posted 5/10/2018)

Brightsville Trail Fencing Project (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 2/7/2018  Notice of Intent (PDF)(posted 2/14/2018)

Bid Awards for 2017

Airport Hangar (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 9/12/2017 Notice of Intent (PDF) (posted 9/13/2017)

Brightsville Park Walking Trail Project (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 9/12/2017 Notice of Intent (PDF)(posted 9/13/2017)

Employee shirts (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 5/30/2017

Macadam Base "Crusher Run" RE-BID (Bid Tabulations(PDF))  Posted 4/4/2017 Notice of Intent (PDF)(posted 4/13/2017)

Courtroom Ceilings at Marlboro County Courthouse (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 4/3/2017        Notice of Intent(PDF) (posted 4/13/2017)

Marlboro County Health Department - Restrooms Health Deparment (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) (Posted 2/27/2017)  Notice of Intent (PDF)(posted 3/15/2017)

Macadam Base "Crush & Run" (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) (Posted 2/28/2017) Notice of Rejection of Bids(PDF)(Posted 3/15/2017)

Bid Awards for 2016

Macadam Base "Crush & Run" (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 2/2/2016) - Notice of Intent (PDF)(posted 2/10/2016)

Bid Awards for 2015

Maple Street Property (Bid Tabulations (PDF)) Posted 4/9/2015 - Notice of Intent (PDF)(posted 4/16/2015)

Water Line Extension (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 4/13/2015 - Notice of Intent (PDF)(posted 4/16/2015)  

December 2014

Macadam Base "Crush & Run" (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 12/3/2014  Notice of Intent (PDF)(posted 12/10/2014)

November 2014

Paving of Administration Parking Lot    (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) Posted 11/12/2014 (Intent to Award(PDF)) posted 11/19/2014

October 2014

Sheriff's Department  Ford F150 XL Supercrew 4X4 (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) posted 10/15/2014 (Intent to Award(PDF)) posted 10/15/2014

Sheriff's Department Ford Police Utility Interceptor AWD (Bid Tabulations(PDF)) posted 10/15/2014 (Intent to Award(PDF)) posted 10/15/2014 

June 2014

Demolition Project (bid tabulation(PDF)) posted 6/9/2014 Intent to Award (PDF)(posted 6/13/2014) Also posted of Front Door of William P. Wallace, Sr. Administration Building.

Marlboro County Gas & Diesel (bid tabulation(PDF)) posted 6/19/2014    (Intent to Award(PDF)) Posted 6/19/2014

December 2013

Crush & Run (bid tabulations (PDF)) posted 12/4/2013. Intent to Award(PDF) (posted 12/11/2013) 

November 2013

Airport Fencing (bid tabulations(PDF)) posted 11/12/2013.  Intent to Award(PDF) (posted 12/11/2013)

September 2013

Street Name Signs (bid tabulations(PDF)) posted 9/6/2013 (Intent to Award(PDF)) posted 9/16/2013 & 9/11/2013 to front door of William P. Wallace, Sr. Administration Building

July, 2013

Street Name Signs (bid tabulations(PDF)) posted 7/2/2013 - (Notice of Intent(PDF) posted 7/10/2013

Street Sign Installation & Assembling Materials (bid tabulations(PDF)) posted 7/2/2013    - (Notice of Intent(PDF)) posted 7/10/2013      

June 2013

Boro Site (Tabulations for various Bid Proposals(PDF)) posted 6/11/2013.  Intent to Award(PDF)(posted to front door of Administration Building 6/19/2016)

Carroll Field Electrical Renovations/Repairs(PDF) (posted 5/20/2013) Intent to Award (PDF)(post on front door of Aministration Building 5/16/2013)

Gas & Diesel Fuel(PDF) (Intent to Award posted on front door of Administration Building 6/19/2013.  Bid Tabulations(PDF)

Administration Retaining Wall(PDF)(posted 5/20/2013)

Play System Structure (bid tabulations(PDF)) posted 5/30/2013 Intent to Award(PDF) posted 6/4/2013

April 2013

Administration Retaining Wall (bid tabulations(PDF)) posted 4/30/2013

Carroo Field (bid tabulations(PDF)) posted 4/30/2013

March 2013

Street Name Signs Package # 3 Rebid  (bid tabulations(PDF))  (Intent to Award(PDF)) posted 3/13/2013

February 2013

Street Sign Installation/Assembling Materials (Intent to Award(PDF)) posted 2/14/2013

Street Name Signs Package # 3 (Intent to Rebid(PDF)) posted 2/14/2013

January 2013

Street Sign Installation/Assembling Materials - Bid Tabulations(PDF)(Posted 2/4/2013)

Street Name Signs Package #3 - Bid Tabulations(PDF) (Posted 1/31/2013)