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Community Services

Community Services in Alphabetical Order

Airport   843-479-4797

The jetport is located approximately four miles west of Bennettsville, off of secondary road 330 located at 1231 Airport Road.  Regular airport activities include recreational flying, corporate/business aviation and various services that support the health, welfare, and safety of the community.  Marlboro County has an agreement for fixed base operator and lease of the airport with "Rare Air Inc.", which is owned and operated by Barry Avent.  The airport has been designated the Henry E. Avent Marlboro County Jetport in honor of Barry's father, Henry E. Avent. 

The airport currently serves as home to 10 based aircraft and experiences 3,760 operations (landings and takeoffs) per year.  The airport consists of a 5,000 foot runway with a full parallel taxiway.  Currently on site is a terminal building, maintenance hangar, three-unit T-hangar, and a single corporate hangar.  Apron space is limited at 3,400 square yards including 6 tie down positions.  The terminal area accomodates smaller general piston and turbine aircraft typically having 2 to 8 passenger seats.  Marlboro County has recently purchased 18.93 acres of land adjacent to the airport facilities increasing growth and demand for services. 

The airport Commission includes:

Charles P. Midgley, Chairman; District 1 - Frank Rogers; District 2 - Dr. John Nobles; District 3 - Frank Shutt; District 4 - John Powers; District 5 - Rippin McLeod, Jr.; District 6 - Donald Evans; District 7 - Elbert Page; and District 8 - William Tatum. 

Alcohol & Drug Abuse     843-479-5683

Trinity Behavioral Care

Trinity Behavioral Care has contracted with Marlboro County to provide services to the citizens in the community.  Their office is located in the Tri-County Mental Health Clinic at 1035 Cheraw Street. 

Animal Control   

It is the goal of Marlboro County Code Enforcement to provide all citizens with prompt and professional assistance with their animal control needs. Our main purpose is to prevent animal attacks and to control the numbers of stray animals in Marlboro County. Code Enforcement picks up stray dogs and enforces County ordinances that require all dogs be properly restrained at all times to the owner’s property. If you have a domesticated or owned animal (your pet) it must be surrendered by the owner to the Humane Society of Marlboro County.

Humane Society of Marlboro County

(843) 479–3330

242 Ag Street Bennettsville, SC 29512

Tuesday 3-5pm, Thursday 3-5pm, Friday 3-5pm and Saturday 12-3pm.

If you live within the city limits of Bennettsville, please call City Animal Control at (843) 479–3620.

There is an animal control officer on call around the clock. However, due to the size of the County, the officers can only respond to emergency calls after normal business hours and on the weekends.

The calls that are considered emergency calls are animal bites, or other public safety organizations requesting assistance. These are handled by E911 dispatch.

We do not respond after hours to pick up stray animals, but if you leave a message or send an email to the information below it will be handled as quickly as possible.

Code Enforcement Contact Information for stray animals is:


Donald Hamilton – Code Enforcement Officer

                         (843) 479 – 5602 ext. 13                                                

***If you have been bitten by an animal call 911 so that a report may be created, DHEC can be notified and the animal can be quarantined for observation for (10) days at the Humane Society before being returned to owner if owned or released to rescue if stray***


Building Permits & Information 

The Marlboro County Code Enforcement Office enforces all county ordinances and state laws relating to the International Building Code(s), building permits and code enforcement of local ordinances including:

  • Plan review of new construction
  • Additions/remodeling jobs 
  • Onsite inspection during construction projects
  • Inspections to include approval for electric services. 

Our office accepts cash, credit card and check payable to Marlboro County as the method of payment.

For permitting and inspections, contact Janilla Williams at (843) 479-5602 ext. 10

Why do I need a permit? 

Any project on commercial or residential buildings, the value of which exceeds $2000 and/or 200 sq. ft., requires a permit. 

What do I need to obtain a Construction Permit?

  • Submit a receipt showing water/sewer tap has been paid (if applicable)
  • Submit two (2) sets of plans prepared by a licensed architecture or a registered engineer.
  • Complete a Building permit application 
  • If Homeowner is completing the work themselves, an affidavit must be signed and recorded with the Clerk of Court Office.
  • Present State of South Carolina Contractor's License & Identification Card (Contractors only).
  • Signed Contract Agreement between the contractor and homeowner is a MUST. (No permit will be issued without a SIGNED contract of BOTH signatures)

Below are links to several documents that can be printed to aid contractors and homeowners throughout  the building process:

Chris CuddBuilding Official & Code Enforcement Supervisor

Donald Hamilton - Deputy Building Official 

Janilla Williams - Permit Clerk - (843) 479-5602 ext. 10

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM

105 Main Street, Bennettsville, SC 29512 - Office located in the County Courthouse


Civic Center    843-454-9496

The Civic Center was known as "The Garden Theater" when it was built in 1917 and was one of the finest opera houses in the Carolinas.  After decades as a popular silent movie theater, then a motion picture theater, the building remained dormant until a public/private partnership was formed to restore and give it new life as a central meeting hall and performance theater. 

City and county governments, arts, education, and civic organizations, businessess, industries, and a host of private foundations and individuals all cooperated to create Marlboro Civic Center - the cultural heart of this community and a source of pride to all of its citizens. 

Executive Director is Karen Lewis.  


Convenience Center Locations


County Recycling Coordinator:  Donald Hamilton

Location:  105 E. Main Street, Bennettsville, SC  29512

Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 419, Bennettsville, SC  29512

Telephone:  843-479-5602 ext. 13



Staffed Convenience Centers

Bennettsville, 1264 Red Hill Rd

Telephone:  843-479-7064

Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 8AM-4PM; Saturday - 9AM - 1PM


Wallace, 4220 Delta Plant Rd. (parking lot behind Delta Plant)

Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday - 10AM - 6PM; Saturday - 9AM - 1PM; CLOSED MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY & SUNDAY


McColl, 1049 Highway 381 South

Hours:  Thursday and Friday - 8AM-4PM; Saturday 9AM - 1PM



  • Used motor oil, filters and bottles (5 gal. limit)
  • Cooling oil (5 gal. limit)
  • Aluminum cans
  • Cardboard
  • Mixed paper - newspaper and inserts, office paper
  • Plastic Bottles, jars and jugs - #1 and #2
  • Glass Bottles
  • Batteries, lead-acid - car, truck and boat
  • Scrap metal
  • Brown goods (Chairs, Couches, Love Seats, Mattresses)
  • Electronics (TVs, Printers, Computers, Monitors, Fans, etc.)
  • Tires - Passenger car tires $2.50 per tire / Commercial tires $5.00 per tire
  • Paperboard
  • Paper Cans



Contact:  Bill Parrish, Public Works Director

Location:  501 E. Main Street, Bennettsville, SC  29512

Mailing Address:  P. O. box 1036, Bennettsville, SC  29512

Telephone:  843-479-9001

Fax:  843-479-1594


Unstaffed Drop-Off Sites

501 E. Main Street, Bennettsville, SC (behind City Hall)

714 North Marlboro Street, Bennettsville, SC  29512 (six blocks North of Main Street)

Hours:  24 hours


  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Mixed paper - newspaper and magazines
  • Plastics - # 1 and # 2
  • Steel cans


New Waste Connections roll cart service

Public Notice: Marlboro County will continue to work with Waste Connections to ensure all residents have a new roll cart for curbside residential solid waste collection. Waste Connections routes and pickups started this week and the implementation process is near completion.  As of tomorrow, February 13, 2020,  please direct all questions regarding your service directly to Waste Connections at 704-708-5872. We appreciate your patience through this process.


Council on Aging    843-479-9951

The Marlboro County Council on Aging provides programs and services for seniors in Marlboro County through the main office in Bennettsville located at 209 East Market Street.  Supportive services include group and home-delivered meals, leisure, social and recreational activities, transportation for members to and from the meal/activity site and for some local errands/appointments/health screenings, and information and referral to other local agencies.  Marlboro County residents aged 60 years or older may receive services.  Caregivers under 60 and dependents with disabilities may also be eligible.  Please contact the agency for additional information.


Environmental Control   

Chris Cudd Building Official, 843-479-5602 Ext. 14

Donald Hamilton Deputy Building Official   843-479-5602 Ext 13 

For any environmental control issues which include:  illegal dumping of garbage, illegal burning, and illegal build up of garbage at private residences which cause a health hazard - contact Donald Hamilton, Environmental Control Officer.  The environmental control office is located in the old sheriff offices at the Marlboro County Courthouse. 

Family Court      843-479-5613

The Family Courts have exclusive jurisdiction of all matters involving domestic and family relationships.  Pursuant to this provision, the Family Courts are the sole forum for the hearing of all cases concerning marriage, divorce, legal separation, custody, visitation rights, termination of parental rights, adoption, support, alimony, division of marital property, and change of name.  These courts also generally have exclusive jurisdiction over minors under the age of seventeen.  S.C. Code Ann. 20-7-400 provides that the family court "shall have exclusive original jurisdiction and shall be the sole court for initiating action" concerning a child who "is alleged to have violated or attempted to violate any State or Local law or municipal ordinance." 

 LP Gas & Diesel Fuels   843-586-2775

Coastal Gas Services headquartered in Marlboro County, is a provider of LP Gas and Diesel Fuels to thousands of customers located throughout four counties of the Pee Dee.  Coastal Gas Services provides customer direct delivery and attendant services for Manufacturing, Business, Agriculture and Residential uses.  Commonly referred to as Propane, LP Gas is one of the nation's most versatile sources of energy, and supplies about 4 percent of our nation's total energy needs.    

Library   843-479-5630

 The Marian Wright Edelman Public Library opened to the citizens on February 22, 2010.  After many obstacles and a decade of planning, fund raising and construction, the library became a reality and celebrated with a grand opening in March 2010. 

The library is named in honor of a Bennettsville Native and one of our nation's foremost children's advocates.  Ms. Edelman is the President and Founder of the Children's Defense Fund.  Surrounded by family and friends, Ms. Edelman cut the ribbon to officially open the library named for her. 

The library described as "a blend of modern and traditional" has a circulation area directly as patrons come through the front door.  The stacks radiate from this area with clear shelving that allows light to filter through to the books, increasing visibility and adding to the modern appeal.  Meanwhile nods to history include a display case that is filled with Edelman artifacts, and a glass-front bookcase that served as the county's original lending library from 1872-1910. 

The library includes two conference rooms that are available for the public's use.  The larger conference room "The Kinney Meeting Room" seats approximately 50 and has a small kitchen.  The smaller conference room seats 12.  Both rooms have dropdown screens. 

There is a bright and cheerful children's area which features four early learning stations and two additional computers aimed specifically at pre-school children.  Three large colorful paintings done by longtime McColl Elementary/Middle Art Teacher, Fay Kubas are on display in this area.    There is a separate "story time room" with an interactive whiteboard.  This area features shelving with cute animal cutouts, designed to appeal to the youngest patrons. 

The young adult section has modern seating designed to appeal to teens and pre-teens.  Art work from high school students are displayed in this area. 

There is a geneology room devoted  to research.  It is complete with the library's genealogy books, a microfilm reader, work table and computer. 

The library library is stocked with more than 60,000 volumes of books which have features to appeal to segments of the community.  The computer area provides 22 computers for public use.   One computer station is wheelchair accessible.  Library cards are required in order to use the computers - original cards are free, however, replacement cards are $3.00 each.  There is a PC reservation system which allows patrons to reserve computers. 

The library Director is Bobbie Jo Grooms. 

Newspaper  843-479-3815

The local newspaper is the Marlboro Herald-Advocate owned and operated by William L. Kinney, Jr.  The paper is published on Thursdays.  To view their website, please click on .


Probate Court   843-479-5610

The Probate Court is responsible for marriage licenses, estates of deceased persons, wills of individuals, estates of minors, or incapacitated persons, trusts, and involuntary commitments.  Marlboro County's Probate Judge is Reneka McCoy

The Probate Court has prepared a list of basic information for individuals who are interested in opening an estate.  Please call our office for an appointment for any questions you may have.

Please call the Probate office for an appointment to apply for a marriage application.  Applicants must provide a picture ID, social security card, or alien identification.  The couple should also bring a self-addressed stamped envelope so that staff may mail their license to them. As of August 1, 2020 , marriage licenses will increase to $65.00.  When the license is returned, we will mail them two certified copies of their marriage license. 

If you are seeking to apply for a marriage license, the requirements are:

1.  Picture ID like a driver's license

2.  A social security card

3.  $65.00 cash

4.  A twenty-four (24) hour waiting period before receiving the license.

With your license, you may go anywhere in South Carolina for your ceremony.  We DO NOT perform ceremonies in our offices.  The license will not be issued without the proper documents.

For additional information on Judge McCoy's Office and ordering marriage licenses, and various other forms, please click *here.

To access Probate Court records, Please visit the following link:   


Probation Office   843-479-3041

The Probation Office for Marlboro County is located in the Courthouse located at 105 Main Street, Bennettsville, SC. 

Recreation     843-479-5632

Marlboro County Parks & Recreation Commission is responsible for various outdoor activities to include:  basketball, baseball, football, and soccer.  Activities are sponsored year round for the youth "17" and under in the Community.  There are several parks that are available for family oriented or company gatherings.  We do not rent our parks out for any type of profit making organizations. 

Recycling (See Convenience Centers, Landfill & Recycling above)

Marlboro County would like to encourage the citizens to Recycle.  Our message is to Reduce and Reuse!!!!

Road Maintenance   843-479-5600 ext 21

Marlboro County Public Works provides road maintenance for dirt roads "only" in the county which are part of the county system.  Private roads are not maintained.  Roads must meet certain criteria to be accepted into the county system.  (Acceptance of Roads)

Utility/Fuel  Providers

Veterans' Affairs    843-479-5622

The Veterans' Affairs Office is located at 300 West Main Street, Bennettsville, SC in the D.D. McColl House.  The mission of the Office of Veterans' Affairs is to be an advocate for the states veterans in all matters that pertain to veterans such as:

  • Inform veterans, families and survivors of benefits

  • Initiate and process veterans' claims for benefits

  • Manage the South Carolina Free Tuition Program

  • Manage the South Carolina State Veterans' Cemetery in Anderson, SC.

  • Assist in the management of the South Carolina Veterans' nursing homes.

  • Update and maintain the South Carolina "War Roster".

  • Coordinate the South Carolina Veterans Advocacy Council.

  • Respond to inquiries regarding the veterans' benefits

  • Administer the South Carolina Military Family Relief Fund.

For more information, please click on

Voter's Registration    843-479-5612

 Marlboro County's Voter Registration Office is located at 119 South Marlboro Street, Bennettsville, SC 29512.  Office hours are 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. 

The City of Bennettsville's General Election is scheduled for November 5, 2019.  A copy of the Bennettsville city district map may be viewed here.  Please contact the State Election Commission as to any questions or to receive a certified copy of the district map. 

Water Providers