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Residential Building Permits

Residential Building Permits

Requirements for a residential building permit for Marlboro County, South Carolina with exception of City of Bennettsville.  All areas outside the city limits of Bennettsville, plus the towns of Blenheim, Tatum, McColl, and Clio are included in our jurisdiction.  If you live in the city limits of Bennettsville (454-1907), you must contact the City Administration Offices to obtain permits.  Includes additions, renovations, new constructions completed by a licensed contractor. 



Please click on application (pdf format) to download.  You may fill it out and bring it to our office to save time.  Please include the following "mandatory" instructions on the permit application.  Please provide:


  • Property owner name and mailing address.

  • Property address (call 479-5602 ext 20 for new addresses - this is property which has not previously had an address).

  • Property tax map # (available from Tax Assessor  (479-5602 ext 12) - also located in same office complex in courthouse with Building Codes).

  • Contractors/Sub-Contractors names, addresses, and license numbers.

  • Valuation (value of completed construction).

  • Total heated and unheated sq.ft. (Include detached buildings).

  • Septic Tank Permit (Available from DHEC)

  • Power Company Name (If Progress Energy, customer must get a Premise Number by calling 1 (800) 452-2777.

  • Contact Phone Number

If addition or new construction - must provide drawing/sketch or 2 sets of blueprints.  **

If addition or new construction - must provide plot plan with site of construction marked on the plan (may be obtained from Clerk of Court Office 479-5613).

Town Business License if inside Town of Clio. 

As a general rule: 

For additions and new homes up to 2,500 sq. ft. of simple design:  Plans have to be roughly to scale showing foundation, room lay out and dimensions, etc.  The more complete the plans, the better.  For homes over 2,500 sq. ft., the plans must be prepared by a registered design professional.  After a plan review, one set of documents will be returned to be kept on site during construction. 


Fees are on Valuation.  Please click Fees for a schedule as adopted in June, 2017.